Utility Coordination Services

UTILITY RELATED CONFLICTS ARE A MAJOR CAUSE OF DELAYS AND CLAIMS DURING ROADWAY CONSTRUCTION. Every type of new project, from major reconstruction to minor projects, requires a meticulous awareness of the utility systems already in place and, all too often, in the way of proposed improvements. Lochrane delivers a distinct service that focuses on minimizing impacts to utilities, thus reducing project delays. Using our experienced UTILITY COORDINATION TEAM to effectively identify utilities and resolve conflicts on proposed plans saves time and money (often thousands of dollars), all while helping to keep the project on schedule.

THE TRUE ADVANTAGE TO LOCHRANE'S TEAM IS OUR SEAMLESS APPROACH TO FITTING TOGETHER THE KEY PIECES OF THE DESIGN ENGINEERING PUZZLE. Lochrane offers you, through a single point of contact, all these pieces: Surveying and Mapping Services, Underground Utility Location, Utility Coordination, and Utility Engineering. We provide a seamless transition of surveyed utility location data into survey design plans, with the added benefit of experienced Utility Coordinators possessing a vast knowledge of FDOT procedures and many years of experience.

  • Utility Coordination
    Our knowledgeable Utility Coordinator can effectively identify utilities and resolve conflicts on proposed plans, saving time and money, while keeping the project on schedule. Utility Coordination, along with the other components of Lochrane’s full Utility Support Services as outlined below, helps reduce project delays.

  • Underground Utility Location
    Utility location is a crucial step in project development. Lochrane brings together new and existing technologies to provide reliable identification, characterization and mapping of underground utilities. This significantly limits the chances of project delays due to utility damage, saving valuable time and money.

  • Field Survey and Mapping
    Our Survey and Mapping Team has broad experience including FDOT prequalification in Survey. Using the latest technology, fully equipped survey teams use state-of-the-art equipment including: the latest electronic and robotic total stations, reflectorless technology, digital data collectors, and GPS

  • Utility Engineering
    With FDOT prequalification in roadway design and a wealth of experience, our engineering staff has the knowledge to assist in the preparation of utility accommodation sheets and, more importantly, to identify ways to best accommodate existing and proposed utilities.

We also have the Utility Coordination Team that is not only experienced but has a keen awareness of the detailed process involved in all different types of projects. Specifically, in the Central Florida area, we have been instrumental in the development of a variety of major and minor roadway reconstruction projects. These include SUNRAIL (Central Florida Commuter Rail), Innovation Way Interchange, South Street Realignment, SR 44, SR 600, SR 15, SR 48, I-95, SR 35, SR 50, SR 500, SR 520, SR 5 (US 1), SR 436, SR 438, SR 600, and SR 15/600, SR 50, SR 46 and Midway Road.

Louise Hom, Utility Coordinator, with more than 19 years of Utility Coordination experience, is knowledgeable in FDOT utility coordination procedures. She is familiar with local utility providers and certified in Cost Estimating and Billing and Coordination. She is currently a Director on the Sunshine811 Board, the chairperson of the Central Florida Utility Coordinating Group (CFUCG), and a member of the Florida Utilities Coordinating Committee (FUCC). She has the experience and keen awareness of the detailed Utility Coordination process for all different types of projects.

No matter the project, major roadway reconstruction, new utility installations, bridges, buildings or any minor design, it must carefully consider the utility systems already in place to ensure a smooth construction effort. Let Lochrane be that valuable extension to your team that brings you a seamless approach to incorporating, from the beginning, current utilities into the design.