Subsurface Utility Exploration: Adding Quality to Your Total Project

 As Florida continues to grow so does the underground maze of utilities that weave across the state. This makes utility location a critical step in the development of any construction project. Accurate and reliable mapping of surrounding utilities during the design phase of a new project, whether it be a highway or apartment complex, has now become necessary to identify hazards before they pose a problem. LOCHRANE'S SUBSURFACE UTILITY EXPLORATION SERVICES USED ON YOUR PROJECT WILL ENSURE SAFETY, A #1 CONCERN, WHILE SIGNIFICANTLY LIMITING THE CHANCES OF PROJECT DELAYS DUE TO UTILITY DAMAGE, SAVING YOU VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY.

Lochrane now offers a SEAMLESS APPROACH to Utility Coordination, integrating surveyed utility location data and current utility systems records into survey design plans.

Benefits of Subsurface Utility Exploration: 

  • Eliminates unexpected damage to utilities
  • Avoids unnecessary utility relocations
  • Reduces project delays and costs associated with them
  • Eliminates penalties or fines due to damage
  • Ensures safety during all phases of construction
  • Offers the ability to add utility layouts directly into design plans
  • Provides efficient surveying efforts that eliminate duplicate surveys
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Lowers project bids
  • Provides confidence in an on-time project completion
  • Minimizes disruptions for the public in traffic, phone and utility services
  • Protects the environment


 Since the initial involvement of Subsurface Utility Exploration in project development, companies have noticed significant savings in overall project costs. With accurate and comprehensive utility layouts and data at their fingertips, companies were able to avoid design conflicts by changing plans in advance, eliminating what potentially could have been a million dollar complication if found during construction.

Subsurface Utility Exploration brings together new and existing technologies to provide reliable identification, characterization and mapping of underground utilities during the initial development of a project. THIS SERVICE, OFFERED BY LOCHRANE AT FOUR LEVELS, ADDS VALUE TO YOUR DESIGN PLANS AND SECURITY TO YOUR CONSTRUCTION EFFORTS.

Get details on our Four Level Quality Approach.