Transportation Projects

Districtwide Traffic Engineering, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

fl.turnpike.enterprise.stampLochrane is part of the winning team for this Districtwide Traffic Engineering contract with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and will be providing roadway design support and surveying. This contract includes signing, pavement markings and channelization, lighting and other minor safety improvements throughout District 5.

Transportation and Survey Project Win – General Engineering Consultant, FDOT District 5

Lochrane is part of the winning team for a GEC contract in FDOT District 5. Lochrane will provide Surveying, SUE and Utility Coordination services on task assignments under this contract. This will be in support of design work and a variety of survey services and to assist in managing the surveying and mapping program contracts.

South Lake Trail Phase 4 from Van Fleet Trail to Villa City Rd, FDOT District 5

Lochrane provided Design Survey, SUE, Utility Coordination and Drainage design as a subconsultant on the winning team. This project includes approximately 8.01 miles of multi-use trail extending from the existing Van Fleet Trail to Villa City Road, CR 565. Work includes establishment of secondary horizontal and vertical control; Perform 3D topo/DTM survey along the mainline proposed trail corridor along with crossing side streets being approximately 116.963 acres; Electronically and GPR Designate and survey approximately 16.56 miles of underground utilities within the DTM areas and perform 50 VVH’s; perform channel surveys and geotechnical boring locations.

SR 436 from SR 50 to Old Cheney and SR 552 at SR 436

sr.436.roadwayLochrane was selected as the prime engineer for 2 recent projects in FDOT District 5: SR 436 from SR 50 to Old Cheney Road and SR 552 at SR 436, both in Orange County.  

The SR 436 from SR 50 to Old Cheney project involves the installation of a raised median and controlled access points to reduce the number of potential conflicts along the corridor. Improvements include construction of a raised median, extension of the existing 45 mph speed limit to full limits of the project, construction of new median openings, milling and resurfacing, reconstruction of existing traffic signal, and appropriate signing and marking modifications. The proposed typical section includes maintaining the existing sidewalks and curb and gutter and providing six (6) 11-foot travel lanes along with an 18-foot median. This project will require substantial public involvement including a Public Hearing.

The SR 552 at SR 436 project involves adding a right turn lane. It borders on a row of nine mature oak trees, which our team will try to avoid. A Lynx Bus Shelter will have to be relocated. The project also includes pedestrian poles, lighting, sign replacement, drainage modifications and new ADA compliant curb ramps. As it is located next to a large church as well as extensive development it will require public involvement including a Public Meeting.


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