Lochrane Uses Latest Surveying Equipment to Include LEICA MS50 MultiStation Static Scanner

Lochrane has added the latest in survey technology to our equipment assets to bring the best quality of surveying and mapping services to our clients. This intelligent technology, the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation, brings reliability by combining precision 3D scanning, extensive and precise total station capabilities, digital imagery and GNSS connectivity into one device. This advanced measuring technology provides unchallenged accuracy and quality, but at the same time is easy to use for a wide range of applications.

The Leica Nova is a unique solution that covers the complete process from capturing and visualizing data, taking decisions and delivering. Using mergeTEC, the Leica Nova MS50 not only combines the hardware but also merges the data itself; images are synchronized with 3D laser scans and the scans tied into total station measurements. In a single instrument, with the size and weight of a total station, the Leica Nova MS50, through mergeTEC, combines the most advanced measurement technologies and the resulting data. A thought-through workflow assures complete performance during all steps, from the data collection and verification, processing, to the deliverables.

Precision Total Station Capabilities
The Leica Nova has enhanced total station functionality through its fast and accurate distance measurement system reducing the measurement time up to 50 % and increasing measurement ranges.

GNSS Connectivity
GNSS is fully integrated in the workflow and the data structure enabling direct georeferencing. SmartStation and SmartPole setups increase the flexibility in the field.

Digital Imaging
An overview and a 30x magnifying telescope camera enables accurate image assisted surveying at the instrument or remotely and extended image documentation.

3D Laser Scanning
3D laser scanning is fully integrated into the regular measuring workflow and can be combined with survey data, measurements and images. Extended onboard functionality delivers results in the field. Leica Nova MS50 delivers a new dimension in measuring technology enabling the user to make the right decision in the field.

Lochrane featured in Tampa Bay Times on Walmart in Hernando County Spring Hill

Walmart bringing Hernando County's first Neighborhood Market to Spring Hill
Beth N. Gray,  Times Correspondent

SPRING HILL — Hernando County's first Walmart Neighborhood Market cleared one more step for approval last week after company representatives addressed the concerns of county staffers.

The proposed 40,000-square-foot store in Spring Hill would draw customers from the nearby communities of Pristine Place. Neighborhood Markets represents the giant discount chain's recent focus on scaled-down merchandise and groceries for get-in, get-out shoppers.

By comparison the three Walmart Supercenters in Hernando average 186,000 square feet, said Frank Porter, project manager for Lochrane Engineering Inc., of Orlando, who responded to planners' concerns at the half-hour meeting.

The market at the corner of Spring Hill Drive and Anderson Snow Road will occupy 7.8 acres. Walmart will provide 168 parking slots, including seven handicapped spaces. The pharmacy will have a drive-through.

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UCF Student and President Obama Talk Highway Safety, Innovation

Written by: zkotala

Tom Lochrane's son and a UCF Student, Taylor Lochrane gave President Barack Obama a demonstration of his cutting-edge transportation technology today at a federal highway research center in Virginia.

Lochrane, who has two UCF engineering degrees and is on track to earn a Ph.D. this fall, showed President Obama a vehicle he customized with special sensors and how the technology could make highways less congested and safer to travel. Obama highlighted the technology during the first few minutes of his speech.

“It was really exciting,” Lochrane said. “He was very interested in our research.”

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Lochrane featured in article on plans for a new Winter Park Commercial Plaza.

Plans for new Winter Park commercial plaza being fleshed out
Michael W. Freeman,  Winter Park Forum Editor

On May 27, Lochrane addressed members of the Winter Park Planning Board, when they held a workshop at City Hall.
Lochrane was invited there by Dori Stone, the executive director of the city’s Economic Development/Community Redevelopment Agency, to provide the Planning Board members with the most up to date information on the site designs for this upcoming commercial project.

Full article can be found here.

Lochrane featured in Orlando Sentinel article about new Winter Park retail development

Developer of new Winter Park shopping plaza addressing safety concerns
Michael W. Freeman,  Winter Park Forum Editor

The developers of the retail plaza at the intersection of Lee Road and U.S. 17-92 say they are still tweaking the plans as best they can, in anticipation of not just the Lee Road extension project but also neighborhood concerns about safety and sound.

“Our thought process on the Lee Road extension coming in is we thought there were a number of things we could do to address safety concerns,” said Robert Lochrane, the site civil principal for Lochrane Engineering, the civil engineering, site design and surveying firm that is working on the project for UP Development.

Full article can be found here: http://touch.orlandosentinel.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-80334021/

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