Our Mission


Since its inception in 1979, Lochrane has embraced the vision of providing clients the very best professional service personalized to their specific needs. We have developed and stand behind the following mission statement based around the acronym S.E.R.V.I.C.E.

Deliver a sincere, loyal and dedicated service to our clients', from design inception through to its completion in an effort to create a satisfied customer and a long lasting relationship based upon mutual respect and confidentiality.

Create a positive environment among our team that encourages high energy and individual enjoyment of our work. This offers everyone the opportunity to take pride in and be enthusiastic about their efforts, which brings about highly successful results.

Strive to communicate effectively with our clients to keep them well informed of the project development and issues of the moment. Make every practical effort to respond in a timely manner with results orientation in clear focus.

Empower our team with a vision of making creative decisions in the course of design development that will enhance the final deliverable and professional service. We look beyond the task-at-hand to the bigger picture of success for all involved, while safeguarding the safety of the Public and its property as our work develops. This follows our code of ethics.

Encourage individual thinking by each of our team members to come up with innovation of design based on sound principles that allows our team to be the creators of new ideas to enhance our work and deliver a superior service.

Create a team of professionals with special proven and recognized expertise to expand our horizons, complement our work and provide a comprehensive proven service to our clients.

Commitment to enhance and expand our technical and professional skills with a pledge to protect the cialis health and safety of the Public, our clients and ourselves through continuing education.