Firm Overview

Lochrane Orlando

Lochrane Engineering, Inc. started as a family-run business with a very specific mission. Thomas and Robert Lochrane envisioned a firm that would collaborate with clients to create projects that lead the engineering industry. Today, more than 38 years later, the mission that brought the company into being has remained a solid foundation for its growth. This mission - providing the very best professional service to clients that exceeds expectations - is the heart and soul of Lochrane's business. Lochrane takes the very best ideas from its clients and merges them with industry expertise and environmental concern to create projects that are unparalleled. Our brand of “what if” thinking has kept our sights set on creative results and continual improvement. By concentrating on valuable client relationships, Lochrane strives to make every project personalized and successful.


At Lochrane, we take pride in our work and in the relationships we build with our clients. Our staff holds valuable years of proven experience in transportation design, site development engineering and surveying. And, we strive to maintain cutting-edge technology deployed by our creative and innovative professionals.

With Lochrane Engineering...It's always about the client. It's always about quality.

A visionary company known for its contemporary approach, Lochrane Engineering is a professional firm offering superior civil engineering and surveying services to clients throughout the state of Florida. Lochrane retains knowledgeable, licensed professionals, the latest equipment and abundant resources to offer comprehensive services in the following professional areas: Commercial and Residential Land Development, Transportation Design, Utility Coordination and Professional Survey and Mapping Services including Subsurface Utility Exploration, Mapping & Surveying (S.U.E./S.U.M.S.). From preliminary engineering to final design through construction, the Lochrane team of more than 50 professional service and support personnel has the resources to efficiently manage every project from start to finish.


  • Established in 1979
  • Offices in Orlando and Gainesville
  • Offers quality services in the following areas: Commercial and Residential Land Development, Transportation Design, Utility Coordination, Surveying Services, and Subsurface Utility Location
  • FDOT Pre-Qualified in Civil Engienering and Surveying Services.